Even Odds were delighted to spend some time with Alex Gavalas from BONFIRE and his take on the “Science Of Setting A Marketing Budget”. Alex went into detail use a fantastic case study that helped Even Odds connect the dots between spending $$$ in digital marketing vs generating sales for a glass fencing company. Alex also shared several key tools to measure engagement for Google Ads, several tips for engaging customers on a landing page and the “Magic Number Formula” that calculates how many potential customers become clients. Even Odds were super pumped to jump feet first into the Google Ads world asking for feedback and insights on their own campaigns they were running. 

Alex said:

I was really impressed by the quality of the students and the questions that they asked. I’m excited to see the influence that they will bring to the industry in the years to come.”

It is getting clearer each year and students of the Even Odds graduate year look forward to a successful Google Online Marketing Academic Challenge for 2019.