For our last semester of study, Even Odds are honoured to take our skills to the next level by participating in an International Society Typographic Designers Student Assessment Scheme (ISTD). 

A flagship project run in the Advanced Diploma Extend Typographic Design unit the ISTD student assessment aims to raise the profile of typography in design education across the globe. Starting in 1975, the Student Assessments have become a model of academic thoroughness and professionalism — Even Odds feels proud to participate in this international and prestigious assessment under the supervision of our Graphic Design lecturers; Brendan Hibbert and Tim Ewers. 

The 2019 assessment offered five different projects — Variability and Typographic Voice; Lost; Multipolar Typography; Ulysses; and Protest. Through the project of our choice, we are not only exploring the beauty of typography but also strategically planning our approach to distil our message and build an interaction with the reader. 

One student Martha Weruing said: “ As part of my journey completing this ISTD project, I learned so many skills outside the design itself; especially in strategy, writing and research skills, time management, as well as community engagement. My choice in project revolves around social issues, leading me to engage with others to make sure that I carry not only a good message but a “true” message that can relate with others and start a beautiful dialogue in our society. “

Another story coming from Aksana Rybakova. She worked so hard to not only research for her Ulysses project, but also experimenting with her design. She has pushed her boundaries to grow her skills and explore new ones. An interesting observation, which I discussed with a few friends who aren’t English native speakers. We realize as design students from CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) background, we need to work extra hard to process translations and looking for the right acculturation from our diverse perspective to deliver our message. 

Student had this to say CJ Vaughn Jayme “The crafting session is a huge help for my project. Helping me widen my design knowledge and gave great constructive feedback for improvement. It also helped me resolving my ideas and gave us design inspiration for my project.” 

There are 19 students representing Even Odds Grads team, who will send their ISTD project to be judged in Melbourne within a few weeks. We are so excited to finish this project and cannot wait to share it with you.