Even Odds had to opportunity to listen to a great Alumni talk on the 1st of March. Russ Goodman came in to talk about post grad life and the leaps and bounds since then. Russ graduated in 2008 as part of the Primecuts Grad group and now works in New York City as a Creative Director at Reaktor. Russ talked about the chronology of 10 years of keeping up the caper, on the transitions to different roles that designers can fill, some stories about working internationally. He also talked about the other side of the interview process with what to do and what not to do. The Even Odds students found his perspective and insights interesting especially what he looks for in potential employees. 

Student Cameron Cruz said he was “delighted to hear that someone from TAFE could be that successful overseas.” Special thanks to our lecturer Brendan Hibbert for organising Russ to come in and talk to us. 

Link to talk: